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Book Review: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving, by Ellen Cooney, tells the story of the Morley family through 350 years, told through the eyes of various women in the family lineage. I found the book to be carefully researched and full of interesting details that flow from one generation to another, such as a pair of eyeglasses that are dropped along a creek bed and found many years later. Numerous historical events are noted, and this backdrop of American history in the lives of one ordinary family is appealing.

This is a story of a family, rather than an individual, which made the book feel plot-less to me. Such a book is difficult for me to stay with. Some characters were easy to connect with; others did not make leave an impression. Most of her characters were well developed despite the fact that each one had a starring role for only a chapter or two. Some chapters were lovely; others caused me to set the book aside for a while as I read something else. I am sure the story would resonate better if it could be read straight through.

Cooney’s style is usually sparse and elegant, but, as mentioned above, this book was uneven in my opinion.

I received a copy of Thanksgiving through NetGalley in exchange for this review.